Is it easy to use?

The IrisCup menstrual cup is very easy to use. However, you may need a little practice when you start using it. It is very important to keep inner muscles relaxed, especially the vaginal muscles, and find the most comfortable position, both for inserting it and removing it. Once you have done it a couple of times, it will be even easier than inserting a tampon, as the silicone is softer and more flexible.

Do you insert it in the same place as a tampon?

The ideal position for the IrisCup is slightly lower down than for tampons, near the entrance of the vagina.

How does it feel when worn?

If the IrisCup is correctly inserted, you will not feel it. The stem of the Iriscup can be trimmed to suit your preference, until you find the desired length. The correct length is the one that allows you not to feel the stem when walking or sitting. It is important that the bottom part of the Iriscup is not damaged when you trim the stem..

What about TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome)?

Menstrual cups have never been associated with TSS. In case you feel any symptom associated with TSS it is highly recommended to consult a doctor. You must not use a menstrual cup if you have already had TSS.

How often must I empty it?

The first thing to remember is that a menstrual cup can collect three times more liquid than a tampon. How often it must be emptied depends on the flow of each woman. However, the menstrual cup IrisCup can be used for a maximum of 12 hours at a time, which allows you to use it during the night.

Is it as hygienic as tampons?

The IrisCup is completely hygienic as it is made from Platinum Silicone, a material whose characteristics make it hypoallergenic and odourless. Its smooth surface prevents the adherence of bacteria. It is a material especially recommended for the medical and pharmaceutical industry. As with tampons, it is strongly recommended to wash your hands before and after handling your menstrual cup.

How can I wash it in a public toilet?

In case you find yourself in a public toilet in which there is no water available to rinse the IrisCup, you can empty it and clean it with paper or a wet tissue before re-inserting it.

It is too big!

IrisCup is made from Platinum Silicone, a flexible and soft material. You insert it folded and it unfolds inside the vagina. Once folded, the size is only slightly bigger than a tampon. Besides, when it is removed it is still the same size, not bigger, as with tampons, and it can be removed easily.

Which is my size?

IrisCup is sold in two sizes. The choice depends on the user's age and whether or not the woman has given birth vaginally.

When can I start using Iriscup?

IrisCup can be used from the moment you first start your period. You should use a size S. It is possible that in this case you may need more practice to insert it correctly.

Can I use IrisCup with the IUD?

Yes. The correct insertion of the IrisCup is at the entrance of the vagina, while the IUD is placed inside the uterus. It is advisable to tell your doctor that you use a menstrual cup, so that he can check the threads of the IUD periodically.

Can I use IrisCup with a contraceptive ring?

Yes. It is the same as with the IUD, the IrisCup is inserted lower down than a contraceptive ring. Anyway, it is advisable to check the IrisCup before emptying it, to see if the ring has been dislodged.

I have just given birth. Can I use the Iriscup?

The use of a menstrual cup is not recommended during the 40-day period after giving birth, due to possible inflammation in the vaginal canal.

Can I use lubricant with IrisCup?

Yes, but the lubricant must be a water-based product.

My cup leaks

If there are any leaks, check that the Iriscup has been inserted correctly. It is likey it is not low enough in your vagina. If it is correctly inserted, it should not leak at all. Check (using a finger) to feel if the IrisCup is unfolded inside. You should also check if you are using the right size.

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