IrisCup is very easy and comfortable to use. However, a little practice may be needed at first. It is very important to be relaxed and find the most comfortable position both for inserting and removing it.


It is very important to be calm and relaxed.

1. Before first using the Iriscup, sterilize it in boiling water for three minutes.

2. Wash your hands carefully with warm water and natural soap.

3. For the first insertions our advice is to wet the cup, or use a water-based lubricant.

4. To insert the IrisCup, we recommend the following positions: sitting, squatting, kneeling or standing. Try and choose the best for you.

5. Hold the IrisCup with your fingers and press it. Then use the fingers of the other hand to fold it lengthwise.

6. Hold the IrisCup with the fingers of one hand in the lowest possible position and insert it in the vagina obliquely towards the back. The ideal sit of the IrisCup is lower than in the case of tampons. See our video...

7. After inserting it in the vagina, let go of the IrisCup and allow it to unfold and adhere to the vaginal walls. Check the correct position.


1. Wash your hands thoroughly.

2. Choose the most comfortable position and find the stem of the Iriscup. If necessary help yourself by pushing your vaginal muscles, to push it near to you.

3. Hold the stem and pull the cup out carefully. If you are not able to remove the IrisCup this way, use a finger to separate the cup from the vaginal wall.

4. Empty the contents of the IrisCup in the toilet and wash it with water. If you so wish, you can use a PH neutral soap without perfume. It is ready to use again.

Cleaning and Care.

During the menstruation period it is enough to wash the IrisCup with warm water and natural soap.

After menstruation, the IrisCup should be sterilized by boiling it for 3 minutes.

Check that the small pressure holes under the rim are perfectly clean. If they need extra cleaning, fill the cup with warm water, cover it with your hand to seal it and press the sides so that the water is pushed out through the holes.

Store the IrisCup in the bag provided. Do not place it in a storage that does not allow the air flow.

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